Is it Good or Bad? How do You See the Situation? Part 5 in the Self-sabotage Series

The present moment is here. It’s what is. You may like it or you may hate it, but it is reality right now.

There’s nothing you can do this moment to change it, things are exactly the way they are. Which is not to say your response can’t change things in the next second, or day, or next year.

How do you Respond?

Right now, you have two choices. No matter which you choose, it won’t change the situation. You can judge it as negative, which also stops you enjoying it. How can you enjoy anything when you’re being negative?

Or you can be positive. See the situation exactly as it is, and judge that it’s good. Being positive implies you accept what has happened, because it has happened, it is reality.

Change your Context

Yet there is a third option. You can change your context, your opinion. This instantly changes your experience and you see this moment in a new light. The change in inner perspective makes it a fresh, new experience. Then life becomes more exciting.


Being positive is…

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