Is Your Dog Safe In An Auto Accident? by Lori Kniff

This is the story how Toby met a policeman.

One day, my car was rear ended at a very busy intersection near my home. The other driver was a very young man, only sixteen years old. He was very sweet, and had genuine tears for fear he had hurt me. As a matter of fact, he had reason to cry because he had knocked me a full two car lengths ahead, and his 1971 VW Classic Rabbit, well, it would have to be picked up in paper sacks! The back end of my nearly new Honda laid in the middle of the street, also in pitiful pieces. He had no insurance.

I was shaking and crying when I called 911. I’m ashamed to say that when they answered, I could only tell them where I was, but I had difficulty telling them my name. They asked me to spell it, and I couldn’t even say my difficult name, let alone spell it. I think that’s why they sent an ambulance. I then handed my cell to my new friend so he could call his mother.

The ambulance got there first. They were giving me oxygen and doing the usual…

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