Is your Office chair causing you tailbone pain?


Do you go through soreness in your spine while sitting at your work desk or while lying on your chair? Do you use pain-killer for spine and sciatica pain, and / or are your common activities ever restricted because of such discomfort?


If you mostly sit at a table for work or squander extended hours in your home in a workplace chair in front of the computer, your seat could be the reason behind your lower back pain.


The main reason a workplace chair triggers lumbar pain is improper lower back support.


The reason why Chairs make a difference


The style of chair you select at the office or in the home matters a lot for a number of causes:


• The human body was not made for sitting long periods of time.


• The lumbar muscle tissues in your spine take the impact of the stress sitting for prolonged time periods on your physique. The desk chair you rest in for a lot of time can make working too much simpler on your spinal area – or much awful. 


• The majority…

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