Journalism jobs – Experience freedom, power and glamour

Journalism is synonymous with many names, terms and phrases; voice of people, the pillar of democracy, freedom of expression and media are some of those. It is powerful platform which can bring down governments, create revolution and force judiciary to change its verdict.

Journalism has two subsets; print and electronic. The former usually caters to newspapers and magazines and while the latter is synonymous with television. Journalism jobs are not limited in terms of functions and pool size. Many people relate journalism to editors and TV anchors.

But the fact is, apart from these two key positions, there are myriad of other jobs which are available for aspiring individuals. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Editors, sub-editors and reporters.

2. Anchors and TV reporters.

3. Graphic designers, page layout experts, content writers, proof readers etc.

4. Camera men, makeup artistes, production controllers, sound and transmission experts etc.

The above mentioned designations are…

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