Katherine Power of Clique Media: Think Like an Entrepreneur

I had started an internship the summer before at Touchstone Pictures. But on the first day at S.M.C., I showed up early to find parking. I drove around and around and around and couldn’t find a spot. And so I decided, this is not for me.

I called Touchstone and said, “I’m available Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, if you’ll have me.” I worked for this producer every single day for free, and soon after she hired me as her assistant. I have just been working ever since.

Who were your biggest influences early on?

My choreographer was Marguerite Derricks, and she basically taught us what it was like to work in the real world. She treated us like adults and taught us how to be professional and respectful. We would constantly have directors or producers coming to watch us to hire us for various events or movies, like “Austin Powers.”

It was about always doing your best and…

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