Keeping Your Computer In Good Shape Is Essential

For those of us who own a computer, ensuring that it gives the same performance everyday starting from the date of purchase is critical. Therefore, not many will differ from agreeing on the statement that our computer’s health is almost as important to us as our own.

Computer maintenance involves practices that ensure system efficiency and remain in a commendable state throughout their extended service life. In order to make sure that it is running at its best, computers need regular and dedicated servicing pertaining to both its hardware and software.

• Hardware or physical maintenance keeps check on the performance of internal and external hardware like hard disc, removable media drives, monitor, network card, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals.

• Software maintenance includes defragmenting the hard disk, keeping malware or spyware away from infecting your system by use of reliable anti-virus software, backing up the data and ensuring that all the installed softwares are…

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