Lessons in Leadership Training: What Makes a Great Leader?

What does it take to be an enigmatic and effective leader? Great leaders throughout history have been recognized to be good, charismatic communicators. They are an inspiration to their followers. They also have outstanding organizational skills. Modern examples include heads of states, business leaders, and chairs of organizations.

Being a good leader requires a simple set of attributes, but this is easier said than done. When leadership seminars have not been introduced yet, leaders were said to be born and destined for greatness. However, in modern times, with the aid of training and dedication, every individual can be a great leader and succeed in life.

Training comes in different forms that are suited to different kinds of people. A person’s leadership style is unique and ranges from managerial, role model, to coach or mentor method. Although the attributes of every leader are similar, the methods of training a good leader are different.

Leadership training and development

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