Let’s hope HM doesn’t encounter the new Bishop of London

Bishop of Willesden ‘Call Me Pete’ Broadbent is in charge until January next year

The Queen’s advisers will be feverishly perusing her 2017 diary after next Tuesday’s retirement of Richard Chartres, Bishop of London. 

They won’t want HM encountering his stand-in, Bishop of Willesden ‘Call Me Pete’ Broadbent. He’s in charge until January next year. 

In 2010 he was suspended for his rudeness to the royal family after calling the monarchy ‘corrupt and sexist’, accusing the Windsors of being ‘philanderers’ and referring to Prince Charles and Princess Diana as ‘Big Ears and the Porcelain Doll’. 

He has no chance of becoming the full-time Bishop of London but the CoE can’t dislodge him until January.

Apropos Bishop Broadbent: He also described William and Kate as ‘shallow celebrities’, predicting their marriage would fail within seven…

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