Life is not that simple as we see it

Life is not that simple as we see it, but it can become much simpler with a few tricks. Now a day there are many websites online that are telling these secrets openly on internet so that every person can become better with their life.

Some of them, I will be posting here.

  1. Keeping a toolbox when travelling:

You never know when you will hit a flat tire. It’s better to keep a tool box with you where ever you go. It will not only help you I need but also sometimes can help others. For example if you are passing on a freeway and see that a person is standing on the roadside and he got a flat tire. You can also help him fix his tire.

  1. Use a stocking on the Vacuum Pipe nozzle to find small things:

Sometimes, sorry, many times people – actually ladies loose there earrings, rings and other small objects in bedroom. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner with a stocking on top of its nozzle…

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