Lodi Lawyers For Family Disputes

As the name suggests family law deals with family related disputes or issues as well as domestic relations that include:


  • Issues related to marriage such as legitimacy, spousal abuse, adoption, child abduction, child abuse and surrogacy.




  • Termination of Ancillary and Relationship matters including alimony, divorce, property settlements, annulment and parental responsibility orders. 


  • Nature of civil unions, domestic partnerships and marriage.



  • Paternity fraud and testing.




Thus, the lists of disputes that are solved by family laws are endless. There are many family related issues seem to be simple but from legal perspective they are complex which should be resolved by expert lawyers very carefully and cautiously by fulfilling all legal rules and regulations.



As far as family related issues and disputes in Lodi are concerned, there are numbers of professional lawyers who have been providing legal services for these issues for many years. It’s…

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