Loose Leaf Tea Comes Packed with Many Health Benefits

You can find many tea drinkers anywhere you are in the world. Some prefer it as it is, some with sweeteners and milk, and others prefer their cold and even iced. Many even consider drinking tea as one of the simple pleasures in life.

Perhaps one of the reasons why a lot of people drink tea is because of its many different flavours and aromas. Even the pickiest people can find a flavour of tea they like. Health-conscious people also favour tea as their preferred caffeinated drink compared to coffee as teas provide more benefits.

Teas come in different packages such as loose leaf tea or bagged tea. The main difference is bagged teas come in individual bags that you can steep in hot water with no need to strain just remove the bag. Loose leaf teas are whole leaves packed in containers. Their portions must be measured individually before steeping. Strainers, filtered teapots, and infusion bags can be used to prevent loose leaves from floating around your teacup.

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