Medical Billing – Picture the 2017 Fully Automated Medical Practice

Data from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey state that in 2011, 57% of office-based physicians used electronic medical record/electronic health record (HER) systems. That percentage increased from 42% in 2008.



Still, many physicians adopt it with a grumble while a good many more are still reluctant to obtain the soon to be mandatory automation. The reasons range from the price of the systems, the training involved and other factors. The reality is, however, that doctors have little choice but to eventually implement an EHR system for their practice.

But consider beyond the “in the moment” pain.  A fully automated healthcare network will come with many benefits.


One is handling cancelled appointments. A practice loses $10 for every no show. With the automated scheduling reminder system, a patient can fill a just cancelled slot with someone from their waiting list. 


This is how a scenario will play out just five years from now:

As that new patient (Rita)…

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