Mindful Eating: The right prevention for hemorrhoids

People suffer from different digestive tract diseases such as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are inflamed and infected blood vessels around the corner of our lower rectal area in the rear end. The rear end is the last part of the colon connected to the large intestines. Hemorrhoids can be very disturbing and distressing when left untreated. It can affect you at home, at work, and in different aspects of your daily life.

Hemorrhoids develop to about 75 percent of individuals and are increasing yearly. People who are about 40 to 50 years of age may have a 65 percent chance of developing one.  The more we grow older, the greater the possibility of getting hemorrhoids. A lot should be cautious of the different aspects that may cause hemorrhoids.

Several aspects may be the cause of hemorrhoids:
1. Chronic intestinal problems, diarrhea or too much intake of laxatives or softeners
2. Straining…

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