Mobile Phones and Home Phones, Do not Change the Register

There is nothing more annoying than getting one of these calls, as you sit for lunch. You are responsible for your valuable time, when the telemarketer trying to sell you something, ask the victim, or worse, automated calls, it is simply a recorded message, which is extremely annoying. Over the past few years we have heard the “Do Not Call Registry, but many consumers are not quite sure what this is relevant information that you provide and how to go about registering a phone number.

What does not change the registry?

National Not Call Registry is exactly that. – Register established by the federal government in which citizens register their home phone number. Once registered, telemarketers refrain from calling this number. If they violate this request, the user may submit a complaint to the National No Call Registry website. Check your house number, suspend, but not all, telemarketing calls. It should be noted that these calls should stop when the register was 31 days.

How do I…

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