New Wireless Technology Allows Simultaneous Two Way Communication

Stanford researchers have developed new technology that allows wireless signals to be sent and received simultaneously on a single channel. The breakthrough could lead to faster and more efficient wireless networks.

Until recently radio traffic was only able to travel in one direction at a time on any given frequency. You will probably remember using the infamous ‘over” and “over and out” when using a walkie talkie as a kid.

Being able to communicate in both directions at the same time, not surprisingly, makes it twice as fast as current technology.

“Textbooks say you can’t do it,” said Philip Levis, assistant professor of computer science and of electrical engineering. “The new system completely reworks our assumptions about how wireless networks can be designed,” he said.

Mobile phones currently allow two way communication using a complicated work around that is expensive and needs careful planning, making it unfeasible for wireless networks like Wi-Fi.
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