Newsletters – What should you test?

We always need to test to ensure that our email gets delivered. Beyond that, there are three major areas to consider:

1. Do subscribers open the email or not?

2. Do subscribers click through?

3. Do subscribers actually do what we want them to do? (Completing a purchase, completing a survey, calling a specified phone number, etc.)

Notice that each element is usually dependant on the proceeding step. For example, if your emails have a low open rate, then the click-through rate will likely suffer as a result. When focusing on getting the email opened, “from” lines and subject lines are critical.

The “from” line is generally something you test once and stick with your winner. Subject lines should be tested as often as possible. Do recipients respond to a catchy subject line, or are they more responsive to a simple promotion?

Do You Think Frequency Is Worth Testing?

Absolutely. Frequency is an important test that’s often overlooked. If you email too often, your audience may…

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