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If you are not aware of the use of heavy metal fertilizers in cannabis cultivation, you really need to do some research. I believe in the wellness benefits of cannabis, but one thing that is not on a lot of people’s radars is heavy metal fertilizers and how it may affect consumers’ health. It’s one aspect of cannabis consumption that I will readily concede should be a health concern for society.

Long time cannabis users have consumed cannabis that was grown with salt fertilizers at one point or another. If you were consuming cannabis in the 90’s and 2000’s when hydroponics and deep water culture was all the rave, then you DEFINITELY consumed a lot of heavy metal fertilizer. The salts, the A and the B, the stuff that smelled like something more fitting to be an ingredient for an industrial cleaner than for something that eventually goes into your lungs. What that is going to do to people in the future is largely unknown, and quite frankly, scares the hell out of me sometimes when I think about it.

Fortunately craft cannabis is becoming more and more popular which directly addresses the issue. Just as people are becoming more conscious about what they eat and consuming more locally sourced organic foods, so too are they becoming more conscious about the cannabis that they consume. Craft cannabis is grown using 100% organic methods with an emphasis on soil health that results in soil becoming more of an ecosystem than just simply a one-use temporary grow medium.

The use of heavy metal fertilizers degrades soil quality, which is why people that use those types of nutrients cannot re-use their soil. Craft cannabis growers amend their soil by adding beneficial nutrients that make it to where they can re-use the soil over and over. ‘Super soils’ are made with all types of inputs like fish bone meal, worm castings, and all types of other funky stuff. Compost teas using all types of inputs are brewed and poured over the soil to provide what is needed to keep the soil going.

Craft cannabis, when properly grown, is the best of the best. The flavor is more dynamic, the smell of the flower lasts longer and is more pungent, and the effect provided is much more thorough and enjoyable. Some will say that craft cannabis is a new thing, and that ‘old school growers can have a hard time picking it up.’ But I say that craft cannabis is actually older school than what the previously mentioned crowd is talking about.

To someone that is relatively new to cannabis (started in the last ten years or less), I’m sure that the use of heavy metal fertilizers is seen as somewhat of a standard. After all, ten years ago it’s what most people were doing. But twenty to thirty years ago and beyond, craft cannabis was the norm. People didn’t use Botanicare products and basically pump their plants full of roids. They used organic inputs, if for any reason because that’s all they had. That’s the type of cannabis I grew up consuming, and my friends and…

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