P90x workout routine sent a guy to the emergency room

One of the most popular fitness styles of the last a long period P90x is allegedly at fault within the medical emergency situation of businessman Matt Lombardi. The man is now recovering in the er from near kidney failure.

While P90X workout is promoted by many, including by Republican vice president nominee Paul Ryan and performer Pink, and is used by thousands of people world-wide you can still find many experts that advise us to not leap into P90X or in other similar intense workout routines.

Lombardi, who reports he always been in a condition, explains he did not walk in to the program without understanding what he’s around. In order to lose 20 pounds he placed on he looked to P90X. He did day one of the next day and the workout routine he found himself encountering muscle pain. He attempted to carry on with the workout but sooner or later ended up during sex a day later. In day 3 he hurried to the ER after seeing his urine had an odd color and kind of looked like Coca-cola.


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