People Do Not Follow Recommendations For Contact Lens Usage

Many people who wear contact lenses say that they know how to use and store contact lenses, and which recommendations are related to them, but, almost, nobody follows these recommendations!


Less than 1% of respondents fully complied with provided recommendations, such as washing hands before handling lenses, using a new fluid every time instead of immersion of lenses in old fluid and often change of the box for lenses.


Contact Lens Awareness


New study involved patients who go to eye examinations in private or student clinic. Over 85% of patients thought that they comply with all recommendations for use of lenses, and only 0.4% of them are, actually, following recommendations.


The study also found that almost everyone knew what to do in order to avoid complications, but only few of them actually adhered to the rules.


The most common complication was discomfort during lenses wearing (72%) and infection (47%).


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