Photoshop Image Manipulation Create Vibrant Visuals in Different Ways

Today Photoshop software has a high-end technique of twisting the original photos to give a new angle. With the enhancements in editing software and invention of digital cameras, photo editing is a competitive profession handled by experts. The sheer intention of adding creativity to an image to enhance the beauty or information content in it has led to thousands of picture refinement techniques that continue to evolve.

Sports shots:

Sports pictures are always high-energy images. The agility and power of the athletes create a raw look in the digital capture. Photoshop image manipulation techniques like adding fire effects; lighting effects increase the vibrant energy of the snap. Dynamic distortion is an effect, which will make an athlete look graphically sprinting. The effect will have some spin and bend that is created out of speed. There will be a slight blur, which makes as though the photo is shot in high speed.

Fantasy fun:

Fantasy effects are always a treat to the eyes. To…

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