Predictive Dialer, a Complete Contact Center Solution

A contact center is a facility / place used by companies or businesses around the world for the purpose of facilitating their customers or consumers with various communications channels such as telephone, e-mail, online chat support, fax and even letters. Generally the contact centers have a one way flow that is inward or inbound flow. It is where customers / consumers communicate with the contact center to facilitate themselves with any queries or concerns regarding the products or services that the company has offered them.

Nowadays things have changed. Contact centers are not only limited to facilitate or help or to guide the customers or consumers, but they also started to carry out the process of marketing and sales activities. They have started to hire tele-callers, to be more specific in their terms, agents, to perform the sales and marketing activities through cold calling strategies. Cold calling is referred to the process of calling the people via some telephonic system….

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