Premier League 2010-11: Funny Images of Predictions

Premier League, an English professional league for association football clubs is coming soon within 2 days. With the excitement of the season title 2010-2011, Premier League will be a good opportunity for 20 member clubs to compete and crown the gold throne. After the success of FIFA World Cup 2010, Premier League continues to appeal lots of attention from press and media all over the world. Such prestigious football clubs including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, etc have become the hot topics of predictions for fans. Let’s have a quick look at the collection of funny images of predictions for Premier League 2010-11 as follows.


Looking like a kangaroo, Gary Brown is predicted to end the race soon


Whether “little boys” of Arsenal are qualified enough to attend the race to the gold throne Premier League


Fans of Blackpool are waiting for a “storm” of scores


4 well-known coaches, Ferguson (middle), Wenger (left), Ancelotti (right) and Hodgson look like…

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