Preventing Workplace Harassment: What You Should Know


By its very definition, workplace harassment is an act or instance of disturbing, pestering or troubling repeatedly. These events are unwelcome in nature and can cause a significant amount of anxiety, especially if the harassment is taking place at work.

Every single member of the workforce should be able to work without the fear of being harassed at work. The government has adopted legislation, which is intended to protect workers, but putting an end to harassment starts with you.


All eimployees and managers should know their rights. Read up on changes to workplace harassment laws and know where you stand. Consult with your Human Resources (HR) Department if you have cause for concern or need to learn more. Read on to learn how to better recognize and report harassment in your workplace.


Common Types of Workplace Harassment


There are many forms of workplace harassment, below we have listed some of the most common types:


  • Sexual harassment is the most common form of…

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