Public Relations In The Care Home Industry

Care homes for the elderly need to exist, and the majority of them do their utmost to provide a good standard of living. However, some businesses, like in any industry, attract negative publicity for various reasons, whether it’s a genuine concern, or an isolated incident that could’ve been easily resolved, but explodes into a media frenzy.  In the public-eye, some of the reasons touted are more recurring than others and so need to be critiqued to see if there is any grounding for the accusations made.

The Internet makes it very quick and easy to voice a complaint, with anonymity and with little reason for doing so. Even though most complaints are quickly forgotten about when told in person, on the Internet they are etched onto the digital landscape, giving it much more potential to go viral.

Some of the most recurring issues raised in the media about the care home industry are:

Care homes into sheltered housing – This raises questions over whether the high-level of care will…

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