Qualities to Look for in a Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography is a relatively new art concept. With the rise in social media, proud parents are even more eager to capture stunning images of their newborns to share with the world. In days passed, families would rely on pictures taken by hospital-provided photographers to announce the birth of their baby. Now, photographers specializing in newborn photography (birth to two weeks) are offering parents a variety of beautiful, unique concepts to capture those first precious days. Newborn photography is an entirely different type of photography than traditional portrait work and requires a unique set of skills, talent and intuition on the part of the photographer. It is important to do your research well in advance in order to pick the right photographer for you. Following are some qualities to look for in a newborn photographer.

What to Look for in a Portfolio
Look at the photographer’s portfolio. Do not rely simply on word-of-mouth. Photography, like all art, is subjective….

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