Quilting Tools: A Stimulating Piece Of Quilting History

The European and American quilting tradition was started as a way to add warmth and weight to the undergarments for armor. From that beginning the tradition diverged slightly.

Some European, Victorian age, quilters used every scrap of cloth they had left over from other projects in piecing together what was know as a crazy quilt. Many of these were often used as decorative showpieces for their homes.

American quilters on the other hand, of necessity, created quilts that were more utilitarian in design. They used what material that they had on hand, such as feed sacks, for their fabric blocks to save money. Their aim was to keep their families warm on cold nights and, at times, to make a living selling quilts to single men.

No single design is known to dominate the tradition of quilting. The eventual purpose of the finished quilt, region, or religion often influences the design chosen. Sometimes because of the scarcity of paper and ink quilts were used to record national, local and…

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