Rant & Rave: Be careful in I-90 construction zone

Readers rave about returned keys, rant about poor lane markings in Snoqualmie Pass construction zone.

RAVE To the excellent person who found my keys in the parking lot at Green Lake and cleverly used them to find my vehicle and place them by my tire. I have two rescue puppies who run me ragged, and I didn’t even notice I’d lost the keys until the end of our walk. You turned a bad ending into a great one! I love my city.

RANT To WSDOT for poor to nonexistent lane markings in the construction zone over Snoqualmie Pass, where I’ve been run off the road by a semitruck not knowing where their lane is and had close calls with other cars. This is very dangerous; we need a much safer roadway for our tax dollars. To drivers going over the pass, be very alert in the construction zone.

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