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Early screening needed for ALD

MARION OAKS – Seven-year-old Tyree Herring spends most of his days motionless in a hospital bed that is strategically placed in his grandmother’s living room beside a large window that overlooks a series of birdhouses.

Not too long ago, Tyree attentively watched the birds peck away at the feeders. But now, as a genetic disorder destroys the sheath around his brain, the boy rarely notices the feeding frenzy just outside.

Tyree’s brain is rapidly deteriorating. He has lost most of his neurological functions. He gets all of his nutrition through a gastric feeding tube and takes dozens of medications to ease chronic pain and prevent possible seizures.

Wearing a black #SaveTheBoys shirt, Tyree did move the corner of his mouth slightly a few weeks ago. He was listening to the voice of Patti DiLouie, one of…

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