Religion: Why Are People Attracted To Religion?

There are numerous religions in the world today; some of these have been around for thousands of years and some could be described as new in comparison. And as well as the religions that are clearly definable as religions, there are also other figures and establishments that are serving a very similar purpose.

However, these might not be noticed or perceived as having any similarities to religion.


Before we take a look at what these reasons could be, let’s look at the word religion and its meaning. In the dictionary the world religion comes from the Latin word Ligare and this means to bind.

So then, anything that connects one to something could be classed as a religion based on this meaning.

And as the saying goes ‘The map is not the territory’. Something can be called a religion, but that is just a word and it does not explain much of what is actually going on. It does not explain the psychology that is involved.

The word has gained a somewhat negative meaning over…

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