RV Generators & Top 3 Considerations

RV generators can make a vacation on the road better because they allow travelers to take their power with them.  If your RV isn’t already equipped with a full capacity, installed generator here are a few things to consider before searching online or meeting with a local dealer to make a purchase.  This list is assuming the buyer will be considering a fully installed RV genset rather than a portable, detachable commercial type generator. 

1. What type of RV will the generator be used in? 
2. Which fuel type will the generator run on?
3. What is the total wattage needed?

When considering the RV type, there are several different styles to choose from. 

Class A Motorhomes are the biggest of them all and are like driving an eighteen wheeler down the road but with a living space carved out of the trailer. 

Next are truck campers that fit comfortably inside the bed of a large pickup truck.  Often the camper will pitch out over the top of the truck cab with a bed for sleeping. 

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