Scientists identify anti-aging gene to treat melanoma

Feb. 23 (UPI) — Researchers at The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia have found an anti-diabetic drug activates an anti-aging gene that can inhibit growth of melanoma in older patients.

Melanoma, a form of skin cancer, is more frequently diagnosed in older patients. Current targeted therapies to treat melanoma have benefited overall survival rates more than chemotherapy but are limited by acquired resistance.

Researchers previously discovered the protein Wnt5A promotes metastatic progression and resistance to therapy for poorer overall prognosis, and that it is regulated by the anti-aging protein Klotho.

Their latest study found that by treating mice with a drug to promote Klotho expression, Wnt5A levels are lowered and growth of therapy-resistant melanoma is decreased in older mice — but not young mice.

“We have already shown that age-related changes in the tumor microenvironment…

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