Signs And Symptoms Of Brain Problems

Brains are very complex organs. Each day we depend on them to help us do the simplest things such as brushing our teeth to solving the most complex problems, like whether to apply for a new job or not. There are certain injuries and sicknesses that can stop the brain from functioning the way it used to or the way others do.

The first kind of brain problem that can occur is caused by trauma. This can be a impact of the head of any kind from mild to severe. Head trauma can cause skull fractures, hematoma and contusions of the brain tissue. Where and how hard you are hit will partly determine the extent of the damage of the brain injury.

Headaches are also a type of brain problem or symptom. These can range from simple headaches to more painful headaches such as migraines. If you are finding your headaches are more frequent or longer lasting it is possible it is pointing to some bigger problem with your overall brain health.

One of the most serious brain injuries that can occur is a…

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