Signs You are Going Nowhere in Your Current Career – What We Can Learn from Theory X and Theory Y

We awake on Monday morning, and get ready for a new workweek. It’s the first day of the long week, and Friday seems more than a continent away. We are a little scared about getting to the office today; after all, we procrastinated on important work the week before, and we are certain our boss will ask for a status update.

So, we spend most of the morning thinking of a good excuse to share with the boss. Someone failed to share important information that we needed for the report. Better not use that one. It might get an innocent person in trouble.

How about blaming technology? The shared drive was unavailable most of the week. Nope! The boss probably went to the shared to access other information. She’ll know we are being less-than-truthful.

We’re worried! It’s not manic Monday! It’s panic Monday! What difference does it make? We don’t like working here anyway! Getting fired might be a blessing in disguise.

We’ll, it’s time to get out of bed. Perhaps a good, hot…

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