Sorras’ questionable political party swears oath to the gods under the Acropolis

Three hundred people gathered under the Acropolis on Monday to swear an oath to the gods of Olympus

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Tourists and bystanders were surprised to see 300 people gathering under the Acropolis on Monday swearing an oath to the gods of Olympus. What’s more surprising is that the happening was staged by one of the most controversial quasi-political movements in Greece, the Hellenes Convention.

The leader himself, Artemis Sorras, who is claiming to be in possession of trillions’ worth of old bonds from the now-defunct Banque d’ Orient (a claim largely disputed by the National Bank of Greece which owned Banque d’ Orient and merged with it in 1932), was present at the happening and gave a speech presenting the platform of his new political organisation.

His Hellenes…

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