Sugar Free Culture: Creating the Illusion Of ZERO Consequences

For a number of years now different companies have removed sugar from their products and replaced it with other alternate forms of sweeteners. One of the products that are often used is aspartame. This is an artificial sweetener that has been found to be not only unhealthy, but also dangerous.

However, my area of interest and insight is not in the area of nutrition. So here I will explain what I believe are some of the psychological consequences.

Sugar Free

The common approach of removing sugar and using another substance is to naturally encourage people to carry on buying their products. And as the amount of sugar contained is lower than it was before; it means that people can not only consume the same amount, but more of the product.

On the surface this sounds like a wonderful idea; to be able to eat the same amount or more with Zero consequences.

Here, one need not exercise any self control when it comes to eating. One can now let go and allow their cravings to take over. And this…

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