Ten richest moms in the world

According to Forbes’ recent poll, the list of ten richest moms in the world has been announced on the celebration of Mother’s day. Among 70 richest women around the world, just 10 millionaire mothers have been voted. Most of these voted moms are the inheritors of billion-dollar fortunes from their dads or husbands. It’s unbelievable that there are nothing-in-hand moms becoming billionaires; among which, Margaret C. Whitman-the president and chief Executive Officer of eBay, and the writer of Harry Poster- Joanne (JK) Rowling are typical moms. Here’s the list of ten richest moms in the world voted by Forbes.com.


Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken: the daughter of Freddy Heineken- the Dutch industrialist. She owns the US $7 billions. Now she lives with her husband and children in London.


Anne Cox Chambers- the daughter of Cox Enterprises- the newspaper publisher. She is now 90 year old, and holds US $10 billions.


Susanne Klatten inherits the US $11.1 fortune from BMW…

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