The Benefits of Audio Podcasts

Podcasting is like radio broadcasting, but with added benefits. Where ever you are, you can listen to a podcast of your choice, without depending on a time schedule like in radio broadcasting. Many other advantages over more conventional broadcasting methods have increased the popularity of audio podcasting in today’s society. Some of these benefits and advantages are described below.

Easy to Record
All it takes is to document your dictation via a microphone to a computer, to record an audio podcast. The process is so simple that just about anybody can record an audio podcast. A number of free recording software are available for this purpose, making the task so much more easier and simpler.

Easy to Transmit
Uploading an audio podcast is just as easy as recording one. Once the recording is complete, all you have to do is save it in MP3 format, upload it to your server and generate an RSS feed for the podcast you created. There are many automated tools available for this purpose and…

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