The Causes of Dementia, Its Symptoms And What Treatments Exist Today

Dementia is a serious problem throughout the world. It occurs when there is a deterioration or loss of brain function due to several factors. The most common is age related but it can affect memory, language, or overall behavior.

Dementia is normally caused by some type of disease. And for the most part it is still irreversible. This makes it a difficult problem for many patients and their families.

Most problems associated with dementia affect elderly patients and seniors. Not only do they tend to lose some of their natural brain function over time, this cognitive decline can become worse due to dementia.

For elderly patients, the most common form of dementia is called lewy body disease. The patients who suffer from this disease have abnormal protein structures in their brain which impairs normal brain functioning.

Dementia can also be caused by stroke and is called vascular dementia. The problem is due largely to vascular problems which reduced or cut off adequate blood flow to…

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