The Grandes Dames of Latin American Art on Its Future

Since its inauguration in 1982, ARCOMadrid has always played a key role in the promotion and dissemination of Latin American art.

Until 2002, when Art Basel launched its Miami branch, ARCOMadrid was in fact the gateway between Latin America, the US, and Europe, with a host of international collectors gathering in Madrid each February.

The unstoppable rise of the Miami giant, combined with the major recession that hit Spain in 2008, resulted in ARCO going through several sluggish editions in the 2000s, but since Carlos Urroz took the helm in 2010, reshaping and re-scaling the fair, ARCO has been steadily recovering its place on the international art stage.

Urroz’s embracing of ARCO’s significance for the Latin American art market has been particularly astute. This has been evident in his choice of Colombia (in 2015) and Argentina (this year) as guests…

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