The Integral Importance of the Artists Easel

Customarily, the artist – especially when working indoors – uses a suitable easel or table to support the stretcher frame or board on which the canvas or paper has been stretched. This is an important attribute for ensuring that the artist’s work is totally stationery at all times.

If your medium is pastel or watercolours, you don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing an easel that accommodates a painting only in a vertical (or near vertical) position that is only meant for acrylic or oil painting.

For pastel work, an easel that has a forward tilting angle is best. For painting in watercolor, an easel with a work surface that can slant to a variety of varying angle degrees and can also be set in a horizontal position is needed.

Easels suitable for acrylic and oil painting indoors are available in several studio easel styles including A-frame, H-frame, Single- and Double-mast and Convertible. Those that are constructed of solid hardwoods provide the best support for medium to…

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