The Manifestation is right in Front of Your Nose

Have you ever been hell bent on figuring something out or getting something important done only to bump into a brick wall?

I went to Maui for a high school friend’s destination wedding and rented a house with several other friends. One morning we all woke up early and walked to a favorite breakfast spot on the ocean, The Gazebo.

A fierce rain downpour and an hour-long line to be seated there dampened the excitement of eating, literally. I was very hungry and wanted a decaf coffee baaad. I began my mission of finding a cup of joe by walking all over the nearby resort. We had walked to the restaurant, so I couldn’t hop in the car and drive to the nearest java hut.

As I got soaked from the black cloud above me, I was amazed that I couldn’t find a gosh darn coffee yet I had manifested an oceanfront multi-million dollar house at half-price for accommodations. @#$&!

I noticed I was getting a wee bit irritated so I put myself on a time-out. I walked under an awning to get out of the…

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