The Right Colors of Tablecloths to Trigger Children’s Appetite

Lack of appetite in children can lead to several health risks – weakened immune system, poor motor skills, and slow mental development. This is a major concern for parents as it threats their children’s future.

Having problems about your kid’s appetite? You are not alone. Out of 10 households in the U.S, three to five are troubled with their children’s poor appetite. The good thing is, there are several simple ways to remedy your child’s dietary problem.

Studies showed that surroundings can influence the amount people eat. Study conducted by researchers in Georgia Institute of Technology showed that the total appearance of a dining area can increase or decrease people’s appetite. Apparently, visual signals can affect consumption behaviors such as eating and drinking.

If you want to increase your child’s appetite, you might as well ensure that your dining area contains visual elements that will trigger their need for food consumption. But there’s no need for total…

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