The sweet scent of almond blossoms

The days of the stench from sugar pulp recycled through cattle in the Moffat Feed Lot are gone.
But there are still those from the Bay Area who pass through here several times a year and laughingly call us “Manstinka.”
Let them laugh at us.
Step outside and you’ll see why the laugh is on those who look down on anything located east of the Altamont Pass.
Breathe deeply. Isn’t the sweet scent of almond blooms intoxicating?
You can’t find anything that comes close to it in the concrete jungles of the Bay Area. It absolutely blankets Manteca-Ripon-Escalon in nature’s sweetness like so much invisible fog.
Then there is the added bonus of the visual show of white and pink speckled tree branches followed by what appears like a dainty snowfall blanketing the grounds of tens of thousands of acres of orchards.
And the great thing about it all is the almond blossoms are just the start of…

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