The War for Financial Talent including CFO’s.

The War for Financial Talent.

It’s 2012. What is keeping CFOs awake at night?
What are CFOs thinking about as we enter a new year and head into a period of recovery? Not surprisingly, they are thinking about how to strategically structure their companies to succeed in the short and long term. They’re also thinking about the risks and obstacles their companies may encounter on their way to achieving their strategic objectives.

Financial executives also tell us they are concerned about the ramifications of their understaffed finance and accounting departments, such as controls being overlooked and weakened compliance structures. Even before the economy took a nosedive, there were serious shortages of chartered accountants and CPAs. At many companies, corporate accounting and internal audit were having great difficulty retaining employees because of intense competition for experienced accountants, auditors, and finance professionals. Even a loyal employee, when offered a large salary…

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