There is Good Wine in Crude Jar

One day, a Roman princess met a scholar who looked ugly but erudite. The arrogant princess publicly ridiculed him and said: “How could the ugly people have great wisdom in their brain?”


After all, the man was a scholar. After being so humiliated, he was not angry. Instead, he was neither humble nor pushy, and played a homely chatter with the princess: “Dear princess, there must be a lot of fine wine in the palace?”


The princess nodded proudly: “Of course. The palace has the best wine.”


The scholar asked again: “What containers are those wine held in?”


The princess replied without hesitation: “The wine is held in jars.”


The scholar pretended to be surprised and asked with pity: “You are the princess of the Roman Empire. Why didn’t you hold the wine with magnificent gold and silver containers but humble jars?”


The princess thought his words made sense, so she ordered the servants to switch gold and silver containers to hold the wine…

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