Things to Remember While Renting a Moving Truck

Moving can sometimes turn out to be an expensive affair, which is why lots of people are now taking care of the packing and loading themselves. This way, they only need to pay the rent of the moving truck that will deliver their belongings to the destination.

But here too, you need to keep some factors in mind:

  • Firstly you should determine the distance you are traveling and the size of the truck you require. Some rental agencies will charge a flat daily rate, including a determined amount of miles, while others will charge an inclusive rate. The truck should be big enough to accommodate 10-15% more than what you own. You should know the size of the truck and mileage before researching so that you can compare quotes from 2-3 places.
  • Decide how long you will need the moving truck, when you want it to arrive, and if it is a one-way or two-way move. Quite a few companies charge a premium price for one-way moves, which covers the cost of retrieving the truck.
  • Don’t make the mistake…

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