Top High Platforms for Sightseeing on Planet

For those who are afraid of the height, the following destinations with high platforms will be best choices for them. Visitors can observe most easily and most detailedly the whole sight of exotic locations in the world. In addition, visitors can experience a feeling of adventure. However, for those who are so “weak-hearted”, they should not visit those places because the magnificent beauty of nature from the height may make you shocked. Let’s take a tour around the highest platforms for sightseeing in the world and enjoy spectacular views.


Top of Tyrol is a steel structure consisting of a grillage of pillars and nine-meter cantilevers covered by gratings. This site is situated on the height of 3200m from the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol, Austria. Top of Tyrol is really a best mountain-top viewing platform for people who are keen on adventures. Winter is the most ideal time to visit here because of the harmony of wind, sun and snow.


Top of Tyrol (Austria)


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