Trump aide slams ‘undemocratic’ EU but says US is no threat to Europe | World | News

Sebastian Gorka said the break-up of the EU was a matter for the union and that the US would deal with European countries on an individual basis.

Replying to Andrew Neil’s question on whether it would matter to ‘s administration if the EU “broke up”, Mr Gorka told the Sunday Politics host that democracy was of the utmost importance.

He said: “It is in the interests of the  to have the best relations possible with our European allies, our European partners. Whether that’s in the formation of the EU or the EU by itself suffers some kind of internal issues, that is up to the European nations and not something we’re going to comment on.

“We have problems with political elites that don’t take the interests of the populations they represent into account. That’s why  happened. I think that’s why Mr Trump became President Trump. This is…

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