Types of Business Sign Materials


No matter where your locale, business signs play a vital role in exposing your business to new customers and reminding previous customers you are still around. Here are some of the materials a business sign company will use in making one that fits your needs:


Nearly all materials used in making signs have a matching laminate. It is important to match materials with the proper laminate for the best quality and longevity. The surface the material is mounted on is referred to as substrate, which they are matched to as well. There many substrates to choose from, these are some of the more commonly used.


Corrugated Plastic


Referred to as “Corex” in the business sign industry, corrugated plastic is ideal for temporary and promotional signage, such as lawn signs (political signs, construction site etc.)




A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam that is lightweight, but rigid and durable. Its ideal use is for signs being used for “medium” amount of time, either…

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