Unique Ceiling Fans Are More Than A Cooling Breeze

When ceiling fans were invented in the late 1800s their primary purpose was to provide a cooling breeze during periods of warm weather. This continued to be their main function until the early 1990s when competition from foreign manufacturers forced American companies to develop new and innovative ways to market their products. The result has been the development of fans that are not only technologically advanced but their creative designs are an asset to the d├ęcor of the room where they are installed.

How they work.

Ceiling fans, unlike air conditioners, do not cool the air but rather provide a cooling effect by pushing the air downward. This gentle breeze creates evaporation of moisture from the skin and can give an effective cooling of 6 or 7 degrees. You can save on your electric bill by turning the fan off when you’re not in the room since there is no benefit if you are not there.

During the winter heating season ceiling fans also play a role in keeping a uniform temperature…

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